Mornington Cliff

This project has been one of our most special homes. The client is a returned client, who we carried out a small extension for their mother, 15 years ago, designed by the architect, Barbara Moje. We were approached two years ago to begin discussions and provide basic cost input and some recommendations for the best consultants they could use for the proposed new home.  Subsequent to this, we began work in September 2017, and the home was completed a year later. Our business dedicated itself 100% to this project, and was a job that concentrated on quality, value adding whenever we could, and forming strong relationships between the clients and ALL contractors involved with all the work. The designer, Sam Johnston, has designed a beautiful home, with a modesty, yet intricacy, that challenged us, and we likened it to building a beautiful piece of furniture.

Its appearance and quality has exceeded all expectations, and our business has cemented its relationship with our client, and the extended family, which will remain ongoing.