CGR – Japan

This project was built in Japan of 90% Australian building materials and labour. The home was for the Australian Consul General, and located in the upper mountains of Kobe, Japan. The project’s inception and vision, was driven by Mark Davis, the managing director of Stonehenge Homes. He worked very hard to convince the Australian Government that Stonehenge could build a home, utilizing mainly Australian materials and labour. He suggested this could provide a market for Australian building products, and showcase the best of Australian building skills, and do so more economically, than if the Japanese were to build the home. He convinced them, and the design works were started. It was an exceptional effort and he deserves substantive credit for this achievement. David played the role of project and construction manager, supervisor, manager of two households of unruly Australian Subcontractors, and a very specific deadline, to suit timing of Cherry Blossom season, and nature was not flexible. A unique, fascinating and extremely challenging project, that was very successful, and a highlight for David’s professional career.